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Bitcoin Accepted Here


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The No-Fee BTCPay Server

Why is this service free?

It’s simple: we’re passionate about fostering an inclusive digital economy and breaking down barriers for merchants everywhere. By providing this service at no charge, we hope to encourage more retailers to dive into the world of Bitcoin, making the commerce ecosystem richer and more diverse. So, jump on board, and let’s make the future brighter, together! 

We initially setup this BTCPay server for two eCommerce stores we run, Coin Monster and Satoshi’s Store.

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering belief in the transformative potential of Bitcoin for businesses around the world. We’re delighted to offer complimentary BTCPay accounts, tailored to empower people just like you to effortlessly accept Bitcoin payments in your eCommerce store.

Discover BTCPay: A Revolution in Digital Commerce!

BTCPay  isn’t just a tool—it’s a movement championed by a vibrant community of forward-thinkers who see cryptocurrency as the future of commerce. At its core, BTCPay seeks to offer a seamless, decentralized, and censorship-resistant platform that allows businesses, both big and small, to accept Bitcoin payments without the need for middlemen or external processors. This spirit of autonomy and democratization isn’t just embedded in the technology; it thrives in the community, where enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs collaborate, share ideas, and drive innovations that redefine the boundaries of digital trade.

BTCPay is more than just a payment processor—it’s a versatile platform with a bouquet of applications. From setting up online stores that accept Bitcoin to crafting donation platforms for nonprofits, the use cases are diverse and ever-evolving. Brick-and-mortar stores find it just as handy as online ventures, and freelancers worldwide appreciate the ease it brings to cross-border transactions. As the community grows, so do the possibilities, making BTCPay not just a project, but a living testament to the spirit of decentralization and community collaboration in the digital age. Come, be a part of this journey!

Who’s BTCPay Server For? BTCPay Server is a beacon of adaptability, drawing in a diverse range of enthusiasts. It’s for everyone—yes, everyone! We’re crafting a path to an inclusive future for all, eliminating borders, whether they’re geographic, political, or financial.

Wondering how you might fit into the BTCPay picture? Here’s a snapshot:

🛍️ Merchants: Whether you’re brick-and-mortar or an eCommerce store, BTCPay is for you.

❤️ Charities & Dreamers: Accepting donations or kickstarting a project? We’ve got you covered.

🔒 People just like you: Manage your funds, protect your wealth, and run your bitcoin node with autonomy.

👩‍💻 Developers: Build atop the wave of bitcoin and the latest payment frameworks.

🌍 Community Leaders: Bring your community on board, offer payment processing, and fuel a thriving, circular economy.

We don’t just run this service, we use it.

Satoshi's Store

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